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Bending the Gender Balance in Your Marketing

Written by Richard P Gee.
We hear a lot of statistics being promoted currently, talking about how the age of the population is changing segmentation.

Benefits of Bartercard

Written by Richard P Gee.
All the marketing assistance you will ever need - all available on Bartercard! Weekly meetings, e-mail access, phone call access, 24 hours a day...

Boom or Bust

Written by Richard P Gee.
Remember 1987 to 1992 when we had the share market crash and it was really difficult to keep your company going, cash flows were tight...

Choosing Your Training Provider

Written by Richard P Gee.
When was the last time you went to a conference and were bored to death by the 7th or 8th poor PowerPoint presentation in a row?

Encouraging Your Reps to Add Value

Written by Richard P Gee.
The greatest way to build sales is to get existing sales reps who are calling on existing customers to add value and help customers...

Excite, Entice, Enthuse

Written by Richard P Gee.
Retailing is fun, and it is even more fun when your retailing strategies are successfully profit-driven to give results for you as the owner. Retailing in New Zealand can be a challenge...

Marketing and Your Price

Written by Richard P Gee.
One of the most important, most difficult strategies, in marketing is determining a fair price for your goods and services that represents value but is attractive enough to create volume...

Marketing Research

Written by Richard P Gee.
The most important principle in understanding marketing is being able to undertake market research to correctly target the right customers with the right product...

Marketing Your People

Written by Richard P Gee.
If we accept that people do business with people, then the single greatest resource of any business is the personality of the people, the culture of the people, and how your people...

Marketing Your Training Business

Written by Richard P Gee.
For many professional trainers the amount of time spent on marketing for future growth of their personal skills, their training programmes...

Overcoming Call Reluctance

Written by Richard P Gee.
A common problem for sales managers is to encourage sales reps to get out and spend more time face-to-face, and also to encourage new sales reps to get out to meet customers...

Practical Marketing Skills Needed in NZ

Written by Richard P Gee.
Recognise first that marketing is about looking into the future to understand your customers' needs and wants and then delivering those needs...

Promise of Performance

Written by Richard P Gee.
Many organisations look for differences to help segment their position, or differentiate themselves from other suppliers in the same marketplace...

Remuneration of your Sales Force and Customer Service Team Members

Written by Richard P Gee.
How do you decide what remuneration packages to adopt?

Sales Coach or Menacing Sales Manager

Written by Richard P Gee.
How many times have you worked for a sales manager who is in charge of either the sales team...

Selling the Value of a Trade Agreement

Written by Richard P Gee.
In sales and marketing you must first be involved in selling the concept of a trading agreement which is in essence a written set of rules...

Selling to Major Accounts

Written by Richard P Gee.
While the New Zealand business structure consists of mainly small to medium businesses, there is an important segment out there that can be called "major accounts"...

Strategies in an Economic Downturn

Written by Richard P Gee.
The Business Commentators, the Economist, and the News Media are all suggesting that the New Zealand economy...

Telling Stories for Better Communication

Written by Richard P Gee.
How do we ensure our communication is understood? How do we get communication to be relevant, interesting and exciting...

The 3-Hit

Written by Richard P Gee.
As I was going through my in-boxes the other day, both in my e-mails and in written communication, I noticed how poorly some practitioners of direct marketing...

The Customer is King!

Written by Richard P Gee.
Is this a tired phrase or is it a new relationship strategy that needs to be created amongst your sales and customer service team to get them to focus...

The Power of a Business Card

Written by Richard P Gee.
Your business card is more than just a tool to introduce you. It can be turned into valuable communication when you consider some basic principles. Colour or black and white?

The Power of a ‘Thank You’

Written by Richard P Gee.
A very successful marketing and sales strategy, often overlooked, is the very simple ‘Thank You’ that can be added after a face-to-face visit with a prospect or customer...

Tips for Sales Managers

Written by Richard P Gee.
How do you motivate your sales team to consistently perform above budget, meeting your goals, and not requiring a lot of handholding to help them implement successful sales strategies.

What's Holding up the Internet?

Written by Richard P Gee.
The internet, e-commerce, web marketing, and this incredible new media called the web and e-commerce were created in 1996.


How Do People Listen to Your Communication?

An article by Lance Beste
Communication is the key to the success of everything in your life. Communication is the key to understanding...

How to Choose a New Zealand Business Database

An article by Kompass NZ.
A Report on New Zealand Database Suppliers...

Lessons Learned from Noah's Ark

10 short and meaningful lessons contributed by Noah...

PowerPoint Presentation 11 Ways ...

A beautiful presentation! It has a great motivational message...

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