Personalised Seminars and Workshops to Meet Your Needs

Sales Training

Richard’s enthusiastic, powerful presentation style encourages participants to challenge for change and achieve results.

Listening to Richard speak is like a breath of fresh air, a commonsense approach to working with people to add to their skills is easily evidenced when you have a look at the testimonials.

You can have in-company, personalised seminars and workshops or you can send your staff on public seminars which are organised throughout NZ (held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) and partners around the world.

Public Seminars are also held in Australia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Tonga plus many other International destinations.

In-House Training and Seminars

Personalised seminars can be created to suit the problems you need to overcome. Existing seminars can be changed around, personalised, or added to, to produce a result that is going to achieve change.

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