Leadership is About Communicating Your Vision

Sales Management

Leading the best sales team is a rewarding challenge – when you have the structures right!

Leadership is about communicating your vision so easily that your sales team understand your business’s standards and objectives and wants to succeed with you.

Measuring sales team effort is a major strategy: don’t measure the $$$ – measure the face-to-face meetings then you get your correct actions undertaken and the sales budget achieved.

Things You Can Do!

You can enquire my book “New Zealand Sales Management” to assist. You can attend my seminars on “Sales Management” and “Leadership” to up-skill.

Your sales reps and customer service members can attend my seminars on “Sales Basics“, “Advanced Serious Selling“, “Territory Management” and “Customer Service Basics“.

Set yourself up to receive the FREE online magazine “New Zealand Sales Manager” for more up-to-date ideas.

How I Can Help You!

I can assist with sales training, business coaching and problem-solving with you for your sales team.

I can present seminars and speak at your conference on skill development techniques to improve the results.