Power of doing

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There’s a big difference between dreaming…and doing. While no one can deny the power of positive thinking, far too many people neglect to ACT on their own behalf in order to bring their dreams to life. As cosmetics company founder and CEO Estee Lauder put it so well, “I didn’t get here by dreaming about it or thinking about it? I got here by doing it.” you can actually change your thoughts and attitudes by taking positive ACTION, no matter what you’re thinking or feeling!

Then I discovered something interesting? that taking action eased my stress. Physical action was the best? Anything that got my body moving. I could mow the lawn, wash the kitchen floor, work out in the gym, do some laundry, work in the garden, wash windows, wax the car? Anything physical. Getting my body into action enabled me to work out the tension that was causing the stress aches.

Perhaps your anxiety doesn’t show up in headaches. Maybe you carry your tension in some other part of your body? Your back, your stomach, your shoulders, your intestines, your sinuses. Doctors estimate that as many as 80 per cent of the physical problems their patients report are stress-induced! Taking action to discharge the pent-up energy caused by stress can prevent health problems, and can even cure some of the ones you might already have. Getting started is half the battle. A body at rest tends to stay at rest and overcoming our own inertia is a huge step forward. If you can get yourself to take just one step forward, you’re now in motion? and a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Conference speaking

Every year I present to about 100 conferences around the world, a wide variety of stimulating “keynote” and “workshop” presentations that wow, stimulate, and enthuse the audience and participants…. make your conference a memorable date, and let’s talk about what I can contribute to your success. Always included are handout material, downloads, certificates, and prizes and 12 monthly emails and 0800 support follow-up.

Sales Intelligence is an interesting article

by Sam Richter who was named in both 2011 and 2012 as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Sales.

If your company is like most, you’ve spent large amounts of time and money perfecting your message. Yet, at the same time, you’ve spent virtually nothing figuring out what your buyer actually
wants to hear. It’s only the intersection of what you have to say with what they want to hear that results in a sale. What intersection is called? Relevancy,? and is probably the most important word in sales today.

In today’s sales world buyers expect that you know the answers to questions before you walk through the door. Not just the basics, but also things like industry changes, market positioning, the
competitive landscape, and even the prospect’s basic internal business issues. How can you get this kind of information? The answer is Sales Intelligence. According to a study by CSO Insights, Sales Intelligence is one of the most effective tools for improving a salesperson’s, and a company’s, sales effectiveness. When a salesperson understands the prospect; the company, the industry focus, the issues being faced, and details about the individual with whom the salesperson is meeting, then the salesperson is able to customize the
presentation and conduct a meaningful sales call.

A recent Aberdeen Group Study found that salespeople who practice Sales Intelligence meet or exceed quota 52% of the time, versus 26% for those salespeople who? Wing it.? Said another way,
if you know how to find and use information, you have a good chance of winning two times more business, and you the salesperson have a much greater chance of receiving that large commission and/or bonus check.

Yet according to a CSO Insights study, fewer than 10 per cent of companies provide their teams with the training and resources to locate relevant information. Why? Because it’s assumed that most people know how to go online and find anything in a matter of seconds.

Nothing is further from the truth.

Although search engines are exceptionally powerful, who in your company has had formal Google search training? Following are a three Google tips to help you practice sales intelligence:

Remove Results. Oftentimes, when looking at a list of search results you’ll notice words that don’t belong. When that occurs, go back into the search form and place a minus sign directly next to the word you want to remove. For example, a search for Gitomer returns mainly results related to Jeffrey Gitomer. The search Gitomer? Jeffrey removes results related to our favourite author/speaker and instead delivers results related to others with the same last name.

Company Job Titles. Enter a job title at a company but place an asterisk in the functional job area, and Google will fill in the blanks. For example, the search? Vice president of * at Walmart? will deliver results featuring Walmart’s vice presidents, often with the associated names and even contact information. Make sure to put the entire search within quotation marks so Google treats your search like a single phrase.

News. In Google, enter the name of a company or a person within quotation marks (Acme Corporation? or Joe Smith?). On Google’s search results page, look for the navigation bar just
under the search form. Click the “More” button and then in the pull-down menu, choose “News.” Google will refresh the results and deliver recent news articles related to your search.

Too many news results? On the news results page, click “Search Tools” in the navigation bar. Click the “Sorted By Relevancy” button and change it to “Sorted By Date.” Your news results will now show the most recent news first. Click the “Any Time” button and you can select a date range for your news including searching archives.

Not getting any Google news results? It happens, especially if your prospect or client is a smaller firm. In this case, try www.SamRichter.com/news. Use the custom engine to search a compilation of 5,000 local, national, and international news sources. Make sure to click the various tabs to sort your results by news type, and toggle from “Relevancy” to “Date” by clicking the corresponding button on the right side.

What kind of impression do you think you’ll make when, upon meeting a new prospect, you reference an article in which the company or person was featured? Using Google is just the start to practising sales intelligence, and to ensuring that every phone call and every meeting you make with prospects and clients is relevant and meaningful. Sam Richter was named in both 2011 and 2012 as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Sales. His book? Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling, www.takethecold.com, was named 2012 Sales Book of the Year.

Marketing, Advertising, and Sales are interlinked….

Don’t get confused in your planning for 2013, make sure you focus your attention on the right areas…… Marketing is about understanding the segment of clients or customers you are aiming at, who they are, what they like, and what motivates them to make a decision, understand this very very very well……

Advertising: is about how you communicate to your segment of marketing customers, in such a manner as they understand and like the messages. the choice of media does not matter the
frequency of message and creativity do matter. Be interesting, be full of quality information and ask for the inquiry action. media, social media, and web tools are all just choices for segments
and their effectiveness and cost drive their use.

Sales: If your marketing and advertising are on target then your sales follow… easily qualified buyers who make decisions. the technique is that the salesperson must ask for the decision and
help the buyer make it. if you get all three strategy parts ” in line” then you get great results!!!!

Review your Brand effectiveness…

Brands are exciting, and tempting for customers to like and become aware of and then develop preferences for. It pays to review your brand effectiveness in the market by conducting a Market
audit, of what your customers, staff, and suppliers, think your brand stands for….. if everybody is in tune great news, if not then fix the perception difference and your brand will live again…..