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Celebrating 29 Years!!

In May 1983, I first started my consulting and training business and since then have had the wonderful experience of dealing with many companies and clients and meeting some incredibly talented people through seminars, workshops and conferences.

For the numbers, I have completed 8,798 presentations, workshops and Conferences, in over 34 different countries, to over 225,000 people in that time. From the early beginnings of helping people understand marketing to today where you focus on strategic strategies, brand strategies, and the people who have got to focus on those different marketing choices with a much more complicated media choice and many more options available.

From being a champion of Direct Marketing, and database marketing, to now email and SMS text marketing, the only thing that has changed is the method of contact with the client. Seminars have changed from 3 and 4-day events to how much information can you fit in in half a day, or could you do a 90-minute keynote presentation at a Conference on 1 or 2 subjects.

Many thousands of emails prompted by the 12-month email support, or the 0800 phone support have been fabulous and still continue to motivate, challenge and provide good news for passing other seminars and workshops.

The client’s success and I still have many marketing clients that have been with me for over 20 years, the roles may have changed now, the advice may be different, the contacts may be less frequent but it is great to be with such fabulous people as they have developed their companies and developed their own staff and sons & daughters now.

I now have the sons & daughters of people who first come to night school classes with me as the lecturer through today’s seminars, through to “I remember you in the Flag Jacket” and could you please pass on the same information to my team.

Along the way, I am proud to have completed a number of unique firsts with many clients and also helped to create the Sales & Marketing Institute of New Zealand into what it is today, with Diplomas and Degrees in the Polytech system for Sales, Marketing and the different principles of Marketing, programmes and courses that have since been developed to NZQA status, and of course along the way have managed to write a few books on Sales, Marketing topics.

My reasonably frequent comments in Business Magazines, Newspapers, Television continue to build the profile of Geewiz and raise controversy when people do not always agree. Whether it has been in New Zealand, Australia, India, England, Asia or the Pacific. The wonderful challenges of getting people to focus on their customers, helping them make decisions, “Challenge for Change” and implementing my “Better than Yesterday” concepts or 90 Day Action Plans are great.

So where from here, I continue to keep focusing on doing exactly what I enjoy best, meeting with people and helping them change their minds and strategies either through consulting or through seminars, workshops and speaking.

A great big thanks to all of you who have supported my ideas, read GeeWiz news from its early printed handouts, faxed copies through to the email copies and supported my many challenges, it has been great let’s continue on for another 29 years and see how the power that is within ourselves to develop our attitudes and take actions to show our abilities really does make a difference when you focus on it.

It has been a great 29 years during this year we will have some celebrations where I would love to invite the Geewiz community to come and celebrate with us. Lookout in the next newsletter for the dates.